Quality Education

Massage Therapy School in Rogers, AR

Spa treatment products Are you dreaming of becoming a professional massage therapist? Get the best therapeutic massage education from a reputable massage therapy school like the Academy of Therapeutic Massage in Rogers, AR. Our passion is gearing students towards lifelong success through comprehensive massage therapy training programs. Our school is locally and minority owned, led by knowledgeable veterans in the massage industry. Trust us to provide you with the education you need to pursue your dream career.

Our School’s Mission

Preparing our students to administer a professional massage in a clinical environment is our school’s primary goal. We make sure that our graduates have a deep understanding of the human body, its physiology, and its anatomy in order to properly execute different massage therapy techniques. Academy of Therapeutic Massage is known for producing competent and highly skilled massage therapists throughout Northwest Arkansas.

Learn More About What We Offer

Being a professional massage therapist is not as simple as most people think. One must undergo rigorous training to achieve a thorough understanding of the human physiology. Learn more about the programs we offer and get information regarding our promotions, discounts, and payment options by calling us at 479-246-0033.